Mission: We deliver groceries for a plastic-free diet.


Everything is delivered in superior quality, reusable and returnable jars, bags and utensils in an electric vehicle. We pay our employees a living, dignified wage.

No Tips. No Trash. No Toxic Packaging. No Emissions.

Just great produce, pantry items and snacks. All delivered in style – right to your doorstep.


We are bringing the first zero-waste grocery delivery service to the Washington DC Metro area. We are a values-driven organization that believes:

A) Food should not be packaged in toxic packaging;

B) A zero-waste kitchen is our best defense to protect Earth’s land, water and air;

C) It’s time to bring compassion back into the grocery shopping experience.




STEP 1)   Order your groceries online.

STEP 2)   We deliver waste-free groceries to your doorstep in an electric vehicle.

STEP 3)  On your next order, return the reusable packaging from your previous order. Simultaneously, you  receive your fresh order in superior quality reusables.

STEP 4)   We thoroughly wash, sanitize and dry all the returned packaging in our warehouse.

STEP 5)   We refill the superior quality reusables and ready your next order.   


We empower our customers by offering healthy alternatives to the current status quo of toxic packaging and chemicals.  

Our vision is to drive compassion and gratitude for Earth and all she provides to make life possible.

In everything we do, we strive to cause no harm and bring joy to the communities we serve.


A) We deliver groceries in superior quality reusable packaging.  

B) We deliver groceries in electric vehicles.

C) We offer dignified, living wages to our co-workers.

D) We pay fair prices to producers and growers.

E) We list unambiguous service and delivery fees.

F) We don’t sell, rent, market or share our patrons’ data.

G) We bring to your doorstep the best quality herbs, spices, produce, snacks and treats. 

H) We care deeply about protecting Earth’s biodiversity.

I) $1 from every delivery is donated to grassroots conservation organizations protecting the most vulnerable marine life and wildlife.

GetGroceries.Delivery is designed to bring the antiquated food production, packaging and delivery system to the 21st century. 

Our vision is to empower you to protect your health and opt-out of packaging. In addition, our goal is to help you save the time and hassle that goes into collecting, sorting and disposing of garbage that is generated from grocery shopping. 

We envision creating a truly technologically advanced society where trash production and toxic food consumption is considered primitive.


GetGroceries.Delivery is an invention from the laboratory of Design By Freedom. Design By Freedom is an invention company on the mission to Make Trash History. The organization is founded by Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner and Clifford Edwin Fonner.

Design By Freedom makes trash history by redesigning linear systems, disposable products and single-use packaging into highly functional reusables. Our goal is to move every American home to a zero waste and zero emissions future by 2025.

We are driven by values of infinite compassion and love for the planet and her wildlife, marine life, birds, insects, rivers, oceans, trees, mountains, public lands and beyond. We invite you to be a part of the journey.

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